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Should Realtors pull listings from Trulia and Realtor. Com?

There’s a big discussion going on across the country whether brokers should continue to allow inventory they own be uploaded to third-party aggregators such as Realtor. Com and Trulia and Zillow. Well here’s  one firm that made the decision to pull them. I don’t know how I feel about this but I thought maybe some of you could chime in and give me thoughts on the matter. Things keep a changing. I would only suggest that whatever decision we make as agents has to ultimately be good for the customers. Here is the link. Little lengthy but very informative. Edina Realty


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3 thoughts on “Should Realtors pull listings from Trulia and Realtor. Com?

  1. Lehigh Valley Realtor on said:

    The Edina Realty article was informative as well as interesting. 2 different perspectives of 3rd party company’s with mls data. The fact of the matter I must agree with in reference to opposing arguments against Edina Realty is our job as Broker’s and Realtor’s is to get maximum exposure to our Seller’s Property. If it means going to 3rd party sites which rank among the top visited sites a month I guess that is what we do. I believe not advertising on those sites does a dis service to our Seller’s. Also, a point well taken, “Not all data is accurate” WOW, that’s a shocker, on the internet please. Of course some of the data is not accurate. Neither is some of the data realtors post on their mls sheets. I am in full agreement with 3rd party advertisers. And as far as selling leads back, your choice to buy them or not. Best advise I can give, save your money not advertising in print media and invest in internet media. You advertise and market where the people are shopping and the Newspaper is not one of them.

  2. I think it’s a mistake for a broker to pull the listings without better reasons.

    The top sites – Trulia, Zillow, and – have advanced technology that offers data that is as good as the data that is fed to it.

    There is a proliferation of syndication technology partners vis-a-vis advertising venues that send listings to the portals. Homes and Land, Postlets, and others send listings and in many cases the data points for contact information is the syndication provider and not the broker. This presents issues for the broker on two levels; (1) state licensing laws relative to proper brokerage identification and disclosure, and (2) timely update of listing information (price, status, etc.)

    Choosing the best listing syndication partner is a big part of the battle.

    What message is Edina sending to the market? I’ll tell you what it looks like to me: “We want all the leads and we want to sell our own listings.”

    It’s about double dipping and dual agency. I think it is the wrong message to send to consumers and real estate peers in challenging economic times. Consumer advocates are mounting on a bandwagon that takes a dim view of dual agency and double dipping.

    There was a large brokerage in the Pacific Northwest that adopted a posture similar to Edina’s several years ago. They pulled out of and made a lot of ballyhoo about increased traffic to their website. Bottom line? They changed course and today they are syndicating their listings to all the major portals.

    Think about it, Sam. Remember when LVAR voted to pull out of It seems like light years ago. At the time it made sense. As I recall, listings were tied to a promise to pay for the data. That promise never really made sense from a business standpoint.

    Data integrity was terrible in that period … sold listings were showing up active long after the status change. That’s not the case any longer.

    Brokers and agents need to learn how to make smart choices about their listing syndication providers. Sellers want maximum exposure for their listings. Why pull the plug on traffic from sites that have tens of millions of unique visitors every month. I don’t think that makes sense.

    • You are right Fran. I remember those days when we got the money from Realtor. Com.
      Got to think that our fiduciary obligation overrides those concerns regarding legalized Dual Agency.
      I just don’t get NAR’s mandate that eliminates IDX on the big franchisor sites. I already heard through the grapevine that there are lawsuits brewing.

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