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Uncle Louie

We learn real quick in this business that to make a sale as an agent we are going to have to deal with Uncle Louie. Who is Uncle Louie? Well really anybody who is an advisor to a buyer or a seller. You know, “Uncle Louie has to come over and check the house before we make an offer”. Uncle Louie could be Dad, Mom, an inspector, or a friend who has bought or sold other homes. Any body who in the customer’s mind can slow the sales process down and help them be absolutely sure they are doing the right thing. Been there myself. ( Why do I always take my buddy the auto mechanic with me when I buy a car?) A lot of agents get upset over these stops in the process and try to “overcome the objection”. That sales 101 from the old school.  Today’s reality means being an agent who understands needs and wants from the client and also overcoming a lot of anxiety in this crazy economy. Today’s agent isn’t discouraging anybody from “Uncle Louie”. Rather we’re empathetic to concerns of those folks who are dealing with the largest single investment that they usually own.  No problem, in fact ask us and we will give you  a list of “Uncle Louies” to help you navigate the maze of inspectors, mortgages, title companies, lawyers and even throw in  a home warranty to get you through this nuttiness. Don’t worry Mom would be proud.


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